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Have You Installed A Safety Lock on the Circuit Breaker Box in Your Home?

Have You Installed Box Lock on Your Circuit Breaker Box?

Circuit board security isn’t usually on the homeowner’s mind. Because for safety reasons, most homeowners choose an air circuit breaker. But in reality, there is still a risk of theft. When the thief finds out that the circuit breaker is not locked, he will turn off the main power, make the monitoring equipment unusable, and even destroy the circuit breaker.
With the rise of similar cases and the high price of the air circuit breaker itself, many homeowners have started looking for secure electronic panel locks to lock circuit boxes.


Is It Legal to put a lock on a circuit breaker box?
State regulations in this regard do not explicitly state that this cannot be done, but to be on the safe side, it is recommended that you still need to check your state’s electrical code before installing a lock.

Traditional Circuit Breaker Locking Systems use clip-on locking, standard single and double toggle switches, as shown below:

1. Material. The ordinary metal material (affected by the price) is only stronger than the plastic material, without the characteristics of corrosion resistance, dust resistance, moisture resistance, etc., so it is only suitable for indoor circuit breakers. Long-term outdoor wind and rain are easy to rust.

2. Installation. Small size, can be installed for specific circuit control switch. But if you want to install all or more circuit control switches, you will need more locks. And this kind of lock needs to be used in conjunction with a padlock to achieve its locking function. Therefore, it is necessary to have one lock corresponding to one padlock, which is chaotic and lacks space to install. It is time-consuming and laborious to manage two locks at the same time.

3. Security Feature. The simplest mechanical unlock and locking system, for repeat offenders of theft, a virtual nullity. All it takes is a pair of metal pliers to be destroyed. Security is not high. In addition, it is impossible to confirm the unlocking personnel and the unlocking time and other information. For houses with high value or many family members, there are many security risks.

Vanma Electric Box Lock

1. Material. All metal shell, durable waterproof, shockproof, anti-interference, dustproof, and waterproof grade IP68. Dust-proof and moisture-proof, it can prevent the lock from being corroded and rusted due to dust or water vapor entering the lock body and cannot be unlocked.

2. Installation. Only one lock and one key are needed to complete the unlock and locking management. There is no shortage of space and the trouble of using multiple locks together. Because the Wanma passive lock is designed and used for the outer box of the circuit breaker, as long as a lock is installed on the panel of the outer box of the circuit breaker, the safety of all circuit control switches is guaranteed.

3. Security Feature. It integrates a miniature electronic single-chip microcomputer, and there are only two metal contacts on the lock surface. Therefore, it will not be easily pried open like a normal mechanical lock, unless the box is forcibly destroyed. Lock + smart key + software locking mechanism. The key is required to authorize the unlock and locking, and the record will be uploaded to the software, so you can check who and when the unlock and locking operation is performed at any time.

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