For Managers, Convenience, or Security?

Determining how to properly protect an enterprise, facility, or commercial space involves a complex set of problems, often requiring myriad solutions, both mechanical and electronic. However, the security requirements of a university are quite different from those of a manufacturing plant. When evaluating security options, managers must identify solutions that not only stay within budget but also balance security and convenience to ensure reduced security risks while maintaining operational efficiency.

When selecting access control, consider the following factors:

Facility and Operational Access Needs

Appropriate security should be the first and foremost priority. A facility’s areas or equipment in need of security may vary and may require different levels of protection based on sensitivity, scarcity and cost-value. Facilities managers should then consider how the facility wants to manage access and how that access method affects operational efficiency.

Team Size & Preference

When working with a smaller team, keyed or combination locks may be suitable and relatively easy to manage. If facilities managers need to grant access across a range of facilities or for various types of workers, however, a trackable electronic solution may be more effective and convenient if budget allows.


As with anything, facilities will need to consider which mix of solutions falls within their budget range. Traditionally, mechanical locks are a lower cost option with no-frills security, while electronic locks typically require higher investment but offer more modern, convenient capabilities and benefits.

Lock Options

Keyed Padlocks – A tried-and-true solution for managers. Especially in facilities with smaller teams and fewer access points, keyed padlocks are cost-effective and offer simplicity, as facilities managers only need to manage and distribute a few keys, and only to a small group of authorized employees.

Smart Electronic Padlocks – While mechanical solutions like keyed or combination padlocks offer cost-effectiveness and varying levels of simplicity, electronic locks can offer even more enhanced security and convenience. This is especially true for facilities managers overseeing multiple areas of operation who need to manage employee access, as well as keep an accurate record of who accessed the locks and when.

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