Fleet Manager Use Smart Lock Management System to Help Prevent Trailer Theft

To help drivers more easily secure their trailers,JWM provides smart security management solutions for fleet management customers to keep trailers and containers safe. JWM smart locking system is secured by smart-locking hardware and smart key, controlled by JWM smart lock management APP. The system can track and control all lock access from anywhere, through the iOS or Android mobile application.

Smart security management system with smart locks will significantly reduce and even eliminate the threat of trailer theft.

With more drivers parking in remote areas, securing the back door of the trailer is a critical issue for drivers and their shippers, JWM makes this technology easy – no more lost keys, and the owner has a full digital record of who, when and where the lock was accessed.

High-strength hardware

The JWM smart padlock is made of hardened steel, and boasts a water-resistance rating of IP68. The lock body is designed to withstand tough environments and extreme weather conditions, and houses sophisticated technology. The Lock Block is a heavy-duty, steel housing that offers additional protection for the smart padlock to provide an extreme-security, tamper-resistant, keyless locking system.

Smart lock management system provides many types of smart locks such as camlock、padlock、cable lock etc.

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