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What Are the Different Types of File Cabinet Lock?

What Are the Different Types of File Cabinet Lock?

File cabinets are commonly used in offices and homes to store documents. There are many confidential documents among them, so the security of file cabinets is also a topic of constant concern.

Some people will prioritize replacing locks that exactly match the original specifications, and some people will replace locks to make old filing cabinets more convenient and secure.

file cabinet lock

♦ Tubular Cylinder Lock 

The installation is a challenge. Usually, a hole needs to be drilled in the filing cabinet for installation. Therefore, under normal circumstances, professional lock installation personnel are required to install. The lock is a long cylindrical shape that also requires a round key to unlock.

♦ Cam Locks

The lock is the most common and easiest type of lock to install among file cabinet locks. This lock is similar in appearance to the cylinder lock. However, there is a rotating lever on the back of the cam lock, which needs to be fixed at a certain part inside the file cabinet and then connected with the core of the lock. After inserting and turning the key, the cam will rotate the trigger lever to complete the switch lock operation.

cam lock

♦ Padlocks

The locks are also a very popular type of filing cabinet lock. The lock is placed on the outside of the filing cabinet, not embedded in the filing cabinet, so padlocks require the filing cabinet to have a hole for the lock beam to pass through, so this kind of lock is usually used on old filing cabinets. Most padlocks are also unlocked with a key.

♦ Smart Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

The above three file cabinet locks all require a key to unlock. But for a person who is habitually throwing things around, or someone who often loses things easily, the key is easy to miss. 
Smart electronic cabinet locks can help solve this problem. No key required, NO APP. Fingerprints Are the Key. 20 sets of fingerprint settings, 0.5S quick unlock. This makes accessing your filing cabinets incredibly smooth and convenient.

smart cabinet lock

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