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Features and Applications of Cabinet Locks

Features and Applications of Cabinet Locks

What are the cabinet locks?

Cabinet locks were commonly installed in a cupboard or drawer and used to keep personal or confidential information safe, found both at home or in a workplace. These locks lock the cover in a metal plate cabinet frame or similar door frame or box frame. Often referred to as cam locks, they have a cylindrical form that inserts into the material, ideal for both replacements and new installations. Mainly used in cabinets, industrial Cabinets, power and electrical cabinets and other cabinets are collectively referred to as cabinet locks, and can also be called connecting rod locks.


The connecting rod can be pivotally supported around a longitudinal axis arranged near the side of the longitudinally extending profile away from the plane of the door panel, and can be pivotally supported between locking and unlocking positions; the positioning element forms a bearing surface for the other side of the connecting rod that is close to the plane of the door panel; the operating device is located in this Control link near side

cabinet lock


In the power industry, solve the problems of power grid transformation, electricity stealing and anti-stealing work.

In the communication industry, it solves the daily management problems of computer room inspection, battery theft prevention.

In the military, it solves the technical issues of warehouse security, authority control and management.

In other fields: solve various problems related to access control management, such as radio and television, oil field, heating, water supply, gas, etc.

power industry
communication industry

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