Extreme Weather Padlock

Harsh conditions can wreak havoc on ordinary padlocks. Water, wind, dust, and debris often make the lock unusable. Business executives spend thousands of dollars a year to replace padlocks damaged by the weather.

The smart padlock body is made of 303 stainless steel, which is stronger and can be used in all kinds of harsh environments and extreme weather, with longer service life. Even frequent exposure to extremely hot or cold, storm-driven salt water or dust ensures safety.

JWM smart padlocks have been rigorously tested and certified:

Environmental protection rating for harsh environments

JWM smart padlocks provide the highest level of protection and prevent unauthorized key replication. It also provides affordable access control, equipped with smart keys that are the core of the electronic lock system, and provides access control, scheduling, and track functions.

With the Bluetooth key and APP, the administrator can control who can unlock which lock and when. The key can be updated access permission remotely via Bluetooth. The system administrator can control access to the lock without requiring the operator to return to the central location.

This is a strong, durable padlock, also very smart!


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