Elementor #17642 - Electronic Lock System | Key Access Control Solution - Vanma

Program Vanma keys and locks via cloud software. Set different permissions for different keys, for example, the key owned by the manager can unlock all the locks; the key owned by the employee can only unlock the locks under the permission.


Install locks where needed. The installation process is the same as that of mechanical locks, and it only takes 1-3 minutes to complete the lock replacement. In addition, Vanma electronic locks do not require wiring, saving costs.


Once installed, the lock and key are ready to use. The employee needs to unlock the lock within the time specified by the manager. If the authorized time exceeds the specified time, the key will not be able to open the lock.


After employees use the key, they can connect the key to the computer via a data cable. The data in the key will then be uploaded to the cloud software.


After completing the data upload, the cloud software will automatically organize the data into reports. Administrators can log in to view the reports from any computer via the URL.

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