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Are Electronic Smart Locks Safer Than Traditional Locks?

Traditional mechanical locks have a very long history, dating back to the Eastern Han Dynasty in China. The types of traditional mechanical locks have become more and more abundant due to the needs of users, and the application fields are also very wide.


5 Disadvantages of Traditional Locks

The popular features of traditional mechanical locks are:
1. Cheap price and low maintenance cost.
2. The unlocking method is simple and easy to operate.

However, the safety issues of mechanical locks make users gradually insomnia.
The insecurity of mechanical locks is mainly reflected in:
1. The keyhole design is simple and can be unlocked technically;
2. The key can be copied, and there are security risks;
3. Need to replace the new lock if the key is lost;
4. Unable to manage to unlock personnel information;
5. Difficulty in key management.
Therefore, in terms of safety management, mechanical locks do not have many advantages.

Vanma Smart Electronic Lock System

For safety management, intelligent electronic locks have attracted users’ attention and are used in warehouse logistics, public facilities, transportation, communications, industrial production, and other fields, and are gradually replacing mechanical locks.
Vanma smart electronic lock system is being trusted by users for its high-security performance.

Features of Vanma Smart Electronic Lock

*Authorized Authentication to Unlock
The administrator can set the unlocking authority for the electronic key through the lock management system, including the unlocking person, time, and location. Only when the authority is satisfied can the lock be unlocked.

*Record Unlock Information
Record the unlocking information, who unlocked the lock, when and where, and the responsibility is traced to the individual.


When the key is lost, the administrator only needs to add the lost key to the blacklist, and then use a blank key for information transfer. After completing the above operations, the lost key will not have permission to open any locks.

*One Key to Manage Multiple Locks
No more bundles of keys. With mechanical lock, we have to have a key for each user and lock. With Vanmalock, each user will have a unique smart key that contains all the permissions for which they are authorized.


Safe Lock Body Design
The electronic lock has no mechanical keyholes, and there are only two metal contacts on the lock surface, which avoids being unlocked by technology like traditional mechanical locks.


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