Electronic Smart Lock, a Smart Lock without Power

For the Banks, the power industry, logistics, telecommunications and other institutions, locks plays a very important role, but for a long time, but these institutions so the suffering a series of questions: “The use of complex electronic locks can be very inconvenient, the use of simple mechanical locks will face huge security risks.” But with the advent of smart electronic locks, these problems are easily solved.

Traditional locks have major disadvantages in some application scenarios, such as freight carriage, ordinary trunk locks are easy to be unlocked by people with lock picking skills, In addition, the management of the key of this kind of lock is also very difficult, which has left a huge security hazard to the transportation industry, in the communications industry, power industry and other common problems.

In recent years, many industries have begun to use smart lock scheme to ensure safety, but the common lock body is generally using electric power design, not only the installation is difficult, the cost is also relatively high, if the power supply problems, will lead to a series of problems. And the intelligent electronic lock adopted the reverse design, the lock body was implanted with a chip, and the required power module will be moved to the smart key, so it completely avoided a series of disadvantages of the power intelligent lock. It is reported that the smart electronic lock will also identify module and communication module are put into the smart key, very convenient to use.

So, how does the intelligent electronic lock realize the safe unlocking? There are two ways to unlock smart electronic locks, one is to reserve authorization to unlock, and the other is to use mobile phone authorization to unlock. Appointment authorization to open the lock: The employee needs to swipe the card to get the smart key. At this time, the administrator will give the key permission to open the lock for a certain period of time. The employee can open all the electronic locks in the permission by the key. Mobile phone authorization to unlock: the employee USES the mobile phone APP to initiate an application for unlock, and the administrator will authorize the unlock in the background. After obtaining the permission to unlock, the administrator will open the electronic lock, thus completing the whole process of unlock.

JWM intelligent electronic lock, no matter what kind of way to open the lock, all need to be authorized by the administrator, otherwise can not open the lock, this is the advantage of intelligent electronic lock. The smart electronic lock adopts hexadecimal 12-bit code, three layers of password and protocol protection, which cannot be cracked at present. In the case of a lost key, the administrator can delete the operation in the background, even if someone else found the key can not open the lock.

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