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How Are Electronic Padlock Powered?

The storage and identification of information, is the biggest difference between electronic padlocks and mechanical padlocks. Electronic padlocks are usually used in places with higher security levels, such as bank lockers, ATM machines, government filing cabinets, computer rooms, precious metal warehouses, and so on.
Electricity is the only support for the electronic padlock to function. The means of supplying power are usually batteries and power wiring.

Electronic Padlock

Features of Electronic Lock Power Supply

1. Power Stability

Most home electronic door locks use disposable or rechargeable batteries because of their low power consumption. Secondly, the battery power supply is more stable, and the battery is replaced regularly.
Power outages are a problem for wiring electronic door locks. Artificial power outages can also cause the lock to stop functioning. A power failure will cause the electronic lock to enter a shutdown state, resulting in a safety hazard.

2. Power Maintenance Difficulty

The power source for electronic padlocks is usually a built-in tiny battery. It is impossible to fully judge the power of the battery to replace it. Outdoor environment is also a huge challenge for micro batteries, such as weather, humidity, corrosiveness, etc.
Power wiring requires calculating the length of the line and thinking about how to plan and maintain the wire. And it’s not always possible to find a power source anywhere.

Outdoor Electronic Padlock

Types of Electronic Padlocks

Digital key or fingerprint electronic padlocks, and Vanma passive electronic padlocks are two popular padlocks on the market today.

1. Digital Key or Fingerprint Electronic Padlock

Number key electronic padlock saves keys. No need to carry or worry about losing keys. The power source is a built-in tiny battery. As mentioned above, the battery is fragile and the maintenance cost is increased.
The unlocking method is digital password and fingerprint recognition. It will also have a set of lock APP software. The phone connects to the padlock via Bluetooth to unlock and record data. However, passwords and fingerprints are easily leaked.

Electronic Padlocks

2. Vanma Passive Electronic Padlock

Vanma passive electronic padlocks are unlocked with an electronic key. A set of Vanma passive electronic padlock includes lock management system (desktop and APP software), electronic padlock, and electronic key. The lock body has no power supply and is powered by the electronic key.

electronic padlock

How Vanma Electronic Padlock Works

Enter the manager’s name, position and other information into the lock management system. Electronic padlock and electronic key download manager information. Patrol officers hold electronic keys to unlock the locks,and connect their sensor contacts. The electronic key will charge the lock to make it work. At the same time, the key will record the unlocking time and unlocking personnel to form a report.
When the key is lost, the administrator can cancel all unlocking permissions of the key through the software.

Vanma Electronic Padlock

Features of Vanma Electronic Padlock Power Supply

1. No wiring required;
2. No need to replace the battery;
3. IP68 waterproof level, no need to worry about the weather;
4. One key can open 10,000 locks, and scientifically manage the keys.

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