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Best Electronic Padlock Outdoor

Now the smart lock system is more and more popular with everyone, whether it is used in the home, in the company or in the factory. Because the smart lock system is really convenient, safe, intelligent and easy to manage compared to the traditional mechanical lock.
But usually smart lock systems require power supply, and we need smart lock systems to be used in some outdoor scenarios. So is there a smart lock system that does not require power supply, can cope with harsh outdoor environments, and is easy to manage?

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Passive Electronic Lock

Although it is an electronic padlock, there is no power supply inside the lock. When unlocking, power is supplied to the padlock through the key. So this kind of passive electronic padlock could be used outdoor.

Silicone Protective Case

This electronic padlock can also be equipped with a silicone protective cover. It is designed primarily to prevent rainwater from entering the locks, but also prevent excess water from entering the mechanism and thus freezing at night.

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SUS 304 Stainless Steel Material

The lock body and the lock beam are made of 304 stainless steel, which can avoid the occurrence of rust and other situations. The protection level of the Vanma passive electronic lock is IP65, it can work in the temperature from -40°C to 70°C, whether it is winter or summer.

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Unlock Reports

The Vanma smart lock system can record data during the work process, including the location, time, and personnel of unlocking. And upload the data to the management software to facilitate traceability management.

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