Electronic Locking System for Tank Trucks Solution

The number of utilities, public institutions, industrial enterprises, and companies that demand oil and petroleum delivery is increasing. Every interruption, sabotage or breach loses revenue, reduces safety. From the petroleum terminal and trucks to the gas station, how to secure the petrol tanks, to protect the fuel quality in the delivery, is the most important part.

From lead wire seals, plastic locks to imported padlocks, countless of the companies over the years had tried various mechanisms to secure the trucks that move petrol and diesel from their terminals and depots to the retail outlets. Though different solutions were tried, every time it was observed that those behind the menace found a way out.

High security that protects entire petroleum infrastructure and assets

With more than 20 years experiences in access control management, JWM make it possible . Preventing unforeseen interruptions from sabotage, tampering, terrorism and internal theft. Making security a certainty and adding trust to keep the world running safely and smoothly.

Securing the petroleum in extreme environments

JWM has raised industry standards of protection with the most robust solutions that withstand the harshest physical attacks, resist chemical corrosion and extreme weather conditions. This is perfectly suited to the petroleum refineries and exploration sites or rigs, often found in the most remote locations with hostile and extreme conditions on earth. We provide remote access rights management with a comprehensive audit trail that tracks all movement in a digital solution.

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