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Electronic Lock Solution for Cabinet

Electronic Lock Solution for Outdoor Cabinet

Multifunctional enclosures or cable distributors can be found on almost every corner of the street. These facilities are highly sensitive and have become a popular target for attackers because of their importance for the public good. Therefore, a highly secure locking system to protect these sensitive units becomes more and the more important.
  1. Locking solutions for highly resistant and weatherproof network and telecommunications cabinets must meet special requirements for outdoor applications.
  2. Since these functional electrical enclosures can be seen everywhere, the locking system must be traceable to specific operators to ensure sufficient safety and prevent various types of saboteurs from taking advantage of the situation.
  3. Flexible access. In an area, there may be hundreds or thousands of communication transfer boxes. The traditional locking system requires a large number of keys to manage. The problems such as many keys and easy loss have long been the primary problems that plagued managers. A flexible management method is needed to solve such problems.
Let Vanma be your trusted partner. As a provider of smart lock solutions, it combines the characteristics of electronic locks with mechanical locks to develop a key-centric access control system. The system is designed to realize user access control without wiring and power supply.
Vanma access control solution provides users with a single electronic key that can be configured with different access rights. The electronic key contains the access rights it has, (lock list, time). In other words, this single electronic key can open countless locks. The operator does not need to carry a large number of keys to move around. And it can supervise whether the operator completes the task according to the specified time, which can be used to assess the completion of the operator’s work.
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