Electronic Lock Development and Advantages

It can be said that safety problem is one of the major problems that every industry must face, especially at the moment when material resources are continuously abundant, it is more important to ensure the safety of people’s living and production assets. With the advent of Internet + era, with the rapid development of high-tech technology, lock industry also presents an unprecedented trend of technological revolution. With the continuous expansion of the market, various industries on the safety of intelligent lock awareness levels are improving, intelligent lock as a new force in the security industry is becoming a hot battlefield for enterprises.

In recent years, in order to further ensure the security of property, many Banks have replaced the locks on their own ATM machines, cabinets, and other equipment, replacing the traditional mechanical lock code lock with intelligent electronic lock, which has achieved unexpected results.

As we all know, compared with the convenience and security of intelligent electronic locks, traditional mechanical password locks have many security risks and operational inconvenience. At the same time, due to the lack of switch lock recording function, the traditional mechanical lock can not play the role of monitoring switch status, can not get effective feedback, seriously affect the management of the inspector at the management end.

At present, as an emerging technology in the world, intelligent electronic lock is not involved in many enterprises, and its unique electronic and mechanical double encryption and idling lock core technology, stand out. Its intelligent electronic lock has been realized: unlock identity identification, the record unlocks information, smart key authorization management, smart key access to open all locks, cabinet inspection function, location map display, and other functions.

JWM intelligent lock management system is composed of four parts: smart key, intelligent electronic lock, management software, and mobile APP. Under the function of intelligent management, it reduces the cost input of human and material resources and ensures safety efficiency. It can be said that it kills two birds with one stone. The intelligent electronic lock itself is integrated with microelectronic microcontroller, which avoids being opened by technology like a traditional mechanical lock or seal. The metal part of the lock core is made of stainless steel. The internal chip adopts closed technology. Thus put an end to other malicious lock behavior, put an end to the destruction of the important equipment in the industry box, effectively ensure the normal operation of the industry system equipment.

intelligent electronic lock after recent years of development has been in power, communications, military, petroleum, railway, shipping, logistics, public transportation, department stores, Banks, museum, prisons, for industries such as in the concrete application, in different application environment, different industry appeared different trajectories, form a complete set of keys and management software function is also more detail.

In the future, intelligent electronic lock is bound to be more widely used in the following industries.

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