Electronic Door Lock with Remote Control

Most consumers are enjoying the convenience brought by electronic locks. With the existence of electronic locks, people no longer need to be restricted by keys, and there are a variety of unlocking methods and more convenient remote control unlocking. Suppose you are going on vacation, and with the presence of a electronic lock, you can easily enter your house with your babysitter without a spare key. Of course, not only smart homes, but also some infrastructure and commercial buildings are enjoying the convenience brought by electronic locks.


This article will introduce a smart electronic lock used in the infrastructure industry, called passive electronic lock access control system.

In traditional manufacturing, mechanical locks are commonly used in all walks of life to protect the safety of property and facilities. However, the mechanical lock has caused many practical problems in the long-term application. For example, the keys are duplicated randomly, the unlocking authority cannot be controlled, the user’s operation records cannot be known, and the remote control is not possible… Imagine that if you are in a remote telecom base station, it happens that you have the wrong key in your hand and cannot open the front lock, maybe this is the worst scene…

Therefore, in some industries with a wide scope and a large working area, the more attention must be paid to the access control system.

In some outdoor scenarios, such as base stations and electric power, the requirements for access control systems are quite strict. Due to the particularity of its environment, ordinary power-based access control systems will no longer be applicable. Therefore, the emergence of passive access control systems has solved the problem.

Based on years of in-depth field research, Vanma has developed the Vanma passive electronic lock access control system based on the current situation of the industry.


Authorized access control

The Vanma management software allows security administrators to assign access rights to specific areas for different technical personnel. In addition, lost or stolen electronic keys can be disabled to prevent any unnecessary access.

Remote control

In order to facilitate real-time access control, the electronic key can be used in conjunction with the mobile phone APP to send the access rights to the technicians in real time.

Access log audit

Vanma management software can provide access to all operations performed by technicians, including complete audit reports. Access attempts outside the specified time range or outside the specified area can be obtained through the report, so as to analyze any abnormal situations.

Access control for extreme weather

In the Vanma access control system, the lock (lock cylinder) maintains a very high standard, and its protection level is IP67 to ensure the greatest degree of protection. Infrared induction technology is used in the electronic key, even if the surface of the lock is wet, the electronic key can also transfer the access authority to the lock cylinder. Ensure stable exchange of information between the key and the lock cylinder. In other words, a poor connection cannot prevent the transmission of information between the key and the lock.

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