What is the High Security Vanma Electronic Cam Lock?

The cam lock is one of the most commonly used and simplest locks.Lock body is composed of a metal plate called a cam, so it is also called a “cam lock”. The lock tongue is attached to the core of the locking mechanism and rotates when the key is inserted and turned. The tongue rotates 90 to 180 degrees, locking and unlocking.
Vanma electronic cam lock adopts the unlocking principle of traditional mechanical lock, combined with Vanma lock system and smart chip, to achieve high-security lock management.

Vanma cam-lock

How Vanma Electronic Cam Lock Works

The principle of use of electronic cam locks is the same as that of mechanical cam locks, the difference lies in the management of unlocking information. Electronic cam locks use an electronic key to unlock. The inductive contact of the key is connected to the lock body, and then the unlocker information is confirmed. The information of all lock-pickers has been entered into the lock management system in advance. Finally, turn the lock tongue to unlock or close the lock. The entire process of unlocking and locking forms electronic data, records the information of the unlocker, and records the unlocking time.

Application of Vanma Electronic Cam Lock

As we all know, mechanical cam locks are cheap, easy to operate, and easy to install. However, since it cannot manage unlocking information and keys can be copied, it is only used in places with low security management requirements, such as home drawers, wardrobes, school lockers, and so on.
And Vanma electronic cam locks are mainly used in government filing cabinets, bank lockers, museum cultural relic cabinets, fire equipment cabinets and other important places. It records every unlocking operation while providing clues for security incidents.

Advantages of Vanma Electronic Cam Lock

1. Unlock Permission Management

All manager information must be entered into the lock management system. The super administrator uniformly grants the unlocking authority. The super administrator can specify the time range for unlocking,and the number of specific locks. If the operator does not unlock the lock within the specified time, he will lose his authority. The operator must contact the administrator again to obtain the unlocking authority. The operator is solely responsible if keys are transferred.

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2. The Electronic Key Cannot Be Copied

When the mechanical key is lost, it is the owner’s greatest fear. You will feel insecure anytime, anywhere. You must replace all locks that match the lost key.
When you lose your electronic key, you just need to block the key in the Vanma lock management system. The lost electronic key will lose all unlocking privileges. Then you can contact us to get a new key, enter the key into the system, and bind the operator information.
Our Vanma lock system can be installed on desktops and smartphones. Managers can view unlocking data records anytime and anywhere, and manage permissions. Very convenient and time saving.

Vanma smart key

3. One Key Opens Ten Thousand Locks

The key management of traditional cam locks has always been a very troublesome problem. If you want a traditional key that can open all the locks, when the key is no longer secure, you’re in huge trouble. So people usually have one key and one lock, and carry a bunch of keys every time.
Vanma lock system, one key can open 10,000 locks, permission management and blacklist functions make key management very easy and safe.

4. Sturdy and Waterproof Lock Body

The Vanma electronic lock body is made of 304 stainless steel, which is as strong as a mechanical lock. The sealing degree of the lock body reaches the highest level – IP68, waterproof and dustproof. Fully adaptable to the outdoor environment.


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