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Electronic Access Control in Industry

Cloud-based access control systems are becoming more mainstream in many industries and our own lives. As a result, many of us now need easy-to-use, affordable access control technology for our work and home.
For locksmiths and other security professionals dealing with electronic access control (electronic access control), new cloud-based solutions open up a world of opportunity. While you may already have an electronic access control system installed at your main entrance or a smart lock on a dwelling unit, this is just the tip of the iceberg of cloud-based electronic access control applications.
electronic access control

Medical Cabinets

Hospitals and large healthcare facilities offer numerous electronic access control opportunities. If you’re not in the business of providing enterprise-wide access management solutions, you might think these organizations are out of your relectronic access control.
But did you know that many hospitals use mobile medical cabinets to keep supplies safe and they bring supplies to non-restricted areas.

Rental Lockers

Retailers and grocers, not to mention giants like Amazon, use lockers to provide customers with secure, contactless delivery and returns.
In the wake of the pandemic, a progressive-minded entrepreneur in Utah saw an opportunity for an electric bike rental shop. He had planned to run a brick-and-mortar store for his e-bike rentals, but soon switched to an automated model.
His bike locker is protected by state-of-the-art software and algorithmic locks, allowing it to be managed even without an internet connection. The platform is easily integrated with the owner’s reservation system. So customers choose a location, book their e-bike online, and then access the bike locker using a code generated from the electronic access control software during the rental window.


Retail businesses have some obvious requirements when it comes to access control, such as securing entrances and creating schedules for employee access and delivery.

Increase security

After a Fortune 100 retailer realized that its server rooms were not properly secured and were often abused for lunch breaks, they started looking for ways to enhance the security of these highly sensitive computer rooms. The company wanted a solution that would prevent would-be squatters from infiltrating server rooms, while still providing access for key employees and third-party contractors if they were authorized to do so.
The retailer chose to keep its hard-wired, enterprise-grade electronic access control system and instead used wireless smart locks along with a cloud-based access management solution to control access to its server room. The open and modern interface of the cloud-based solution allows retailers to integrate their access control requirements for these specific doors directly into their workflow management software. Therefore, when an IT ticket is created for a branch location, a temporary, auto-expiring PIN is generated and sent to the appropriate third-party contractor or internal IT team member so that they can access the required server room services .
By installing this new electronic access control layer side-by-side with its existing hard-wired system, retailers are able to ensure that access to the server room is tightly controlled by tying in with a ticketing software program. The solution further prevents bad actors from accessing sensitive data and misusing the space.
Security professionals with clients in industries ranging from healthcare to entertainment should be aware of the business opportunities that cloud-based electronic access control technology can bring.

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