Electric Box Lock

Vanma offers a variety of electric box lock devices that don’t require power sources. These locks provide features like multi-key access, remote authorization, and audit tracking. They are easier to install than smart locks and offer more security than mechanical locks.

Additionally, Vanma provides customization options for lock appearance and functions based on individual needs.


Key Features of Vanma Electric Box Locks:

  • Passive Electronic Lock: Installation is effortless with no need for a power source. In some cases, tools might not even be required.
  • Customization Support: Lock designs can be tailored according to user requirements.
  • One key for multiple locks: Employees can carry a single key for easy meter reading and maintenance tasks.
  • Remote Authorization: Temporary permissions are granted to employees only during maintenance to ensure secure electrical usage. Additionally, remote authorization eliminates the need for employees to retrieve keys, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Audit Tracking: Utilize the Vanma management software to review employee lock openings and closure records, facilitating easy accountability tracing.

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