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Does the Unpickable Lock Really Exist?

To ensure personal or asset security,
people choose to use locks. Generally, the door locks on the house will bring
you a sense of security to a certain extent. But when you do not carry a key or
mobile phone, have you considered lock picking?

Unlocking is an art of deceiving locks that
makes people believe that they are using the correct way to unlock the lock.
Because most locks are innovative and unique, learning to unlock needs to be
continuously learned and a lot of practice. Only by understanding the basic
knowledge of the key to work can we use technology to open unparalleled locks.

Since the advent of lock picking, lock security is no longer guaranteed. Many people find this interesting and therefore would like to venture into lock picking. However, because this is mostly related to burglary, most people shy away from the practice. 

lock picking

Does the unpickable lock really exist in the world?

There are no unpickable locks, just locks that cannot be picked, yet. So here is the lock that cannot be picked. In this article, we discuss one kind of unpickable lock.

Vanma Intelligent Lock System

Vanma intelligent lock system, its appearance is similar to mechanical lock, but with a standard smart lock cylinder embedded in it, it is a high-security padlock with information task management function.

Unlike mechanical locks, when the smart lock needs to be unlocked, the key should power it by contacting. With strict digital encryption technology and wireless communication technology, the lock will be unlocked. Also, the lock can be unlocked according to the management requirements, one smart key could unlock multiple locks within a certain time for achieving efficient management.



lock and key

There is no keyhole in the lock, the smart key contact the lock to power it. So that this intelligent locks are the locks that can not be picked.

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