Do You Really Know Anything About Traditional Padlocks?

Traditional padlocks are a very basic design that effectively prevents property loss and theft. Therefore, padlocks provide high security at a low cost, making them the first choice for administrators.
However, with the development of science and technology and the progress of society, traditional padlocks have been unable to meet the needs of people in a more efficient and portable way. Therefore, a variety of padlocks have been updated, such as combination locks, Bluetooth padlocks, intelligent electronic padlocks, etc., among which intelligent electronic padlocks are gradually recognized and accepted by the management.

Smart electronic padlock function:

1. Easy installation, no wiring required.
2. Unlock requires authorization and can be unlocked for a specific period of time
3. The unlocking record is visible in the backstage and the responsibility is traced back to the individual.
4. Keys cannot be copied.


Q: Do I need to maintain the smart padlock every day?
A: No. We use waterproof and rust-proof materials to make the lock body so that it can be used in rainy days and another humid environment.

Q: Can the smart electronic padlock solve the security problem of the transformer box?
A: Yes. It can be set in a specific time, place to open the lock operation, to prevent man-made damage and other situations.

Q: How long is its service life?
A: The service life of the smart padlock is usually several times or even dozens of times that of the traditional padlock.

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