Do You Know About Commercial Locks?

Locks are essential for the security of the door, and there are different locks for different types of doors to give him better protection. Therefore there are several types of locks, each with a different purpose. That’s why some locks are adapted to residential environments, while others are used in commercial buildings. So which locks are more suitable for commercial door locks.

What is a commercial door lock?

Commercial door locks can be any mechanical or electronic locks. They can be used for commercial purposes and are ideal for commercial environments such as offices, businesses, industrial facilities and other commercial properties.
Commercial locks need to have a more specialized handling of the unique needs of commercial real estate than other locks used in residential homes. Typically, commercial-grade locks need to be more secure, durable and more convenient.
Commercial door locks come in different grades, which indicates that the security and reliability of different locks vary. The grade of a door lock is determined by its durability, strength and cost. You can shop for commercial locks with different security ratings based on your needs. Again, your purchase can be tailored to your individual needs and budget.
If a door lock is at level one it will withstand approximately one million or more openings and closings and withstand up to 10 impacts on the knob at 75 foot pounds each. Common in exterior and interior doors in schools, hospitals and other businesses with high security requirements
Secondary and tertiary locks can open and close 800,000 times, and shock-resistant door handles can withstand five impacts for secondary locks and two impacts for tertiary locks. They are primarily used for low or medium traffic exterior entrances requiring high security for interior entryways.

What are the different types of commercial door locks?

Mortise locks, bumpers or bumpers, cylindrical lever locks, keypad door locks and commercial electric strike locks.

1. Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are a very popular type of commercial door lock because of their strength and reliability. Mortise locks are durable and are used in high traffic businesses. In addition to their general strength, mortise locks are best suited for commercial environments because they stand up to long-lasting use. The actual latch portion of the lock is located inside the lock, which is less accessible but also more resistant to forced entry.

2. Cylindrical Lever Locks

Cylindrical lever locks fit through the entire door and are a popular choice because they can often be installed quickly. Cylindrical levers are also used frequently as commercial locks because they have many aesthetic options and more styles to help users choose from.They are also able to be used with a single key, or with a combination of handle keys and buttons.

3. Smart Electronic Keys

Banks, security, shopping malls and other places have higher requirements for commercial locks that require smart unlocking capabilities yet access control. Vanma smart electronic keys, which place the system in the key, are able to record information such as visitors and access times, helping high security industries manage and control access to locks and are more secure commercial locks.

vanma lock system

A thorough understanding of how a business operates is important in choosing the right lock. There is a wide range of commercial door lock types on the market. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that the most common door locks will automatically meet your needs. You should consider the practical value of the lock to you and try more and more advanced types of locks.

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