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Do You Have A Storage Cabinet Lock?

Do You Have A Storage Cabinet Lock?

Have you ever had this hesitation and worry? Do you need to lock cabinets in your home/office?
If you don’t lock it, you are afraid that the contents (personal belongings, private documents, etc.) will be stolen or leaked.
If you lock it, you may find it difficult to unlock it, and you may lose the key.
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In general, it is advisable to lock cabinets in the following situations: 

1. Store Dangerous Items. This is often the case at home, especially for families with children, and sharp objects such as cleaning products, medicines, and knives should always be locked if they are stored in the cupboard. This is a potential disaster when children are around the cupboard and, out of curiosity, may open it.

2. Keeping Private/Valuable Items. Again, this often happens in the home. When it is clear that the products stored are personal items, privacy is the primary consideration; to prevent them from being compromised. When the products stored are valuables, security is the primary consideration; preventing theft as well as vandalism.

3. Hold Confidential Documents. This mostly occurs in offices. Confidential documents should be kept confidential, especially sensitive business data, to prevent theft.

Recommend Fingerprint Cabinet Locks to help you to solve above concern.

Benefit of Solution

Fingerprint Unlocking.

Get rid of the hassle of keys. Your finger is the key and no one else can unlock it without authorization. 0.5S quick unlock.

Metal Material.

Zinc alloy is far stronger and more secure than plastic. Higher anti-theft factor.

Original Hole Installation.

The lock is suitable for holes with a diameter of 18mm and a panel thickness of up to 22mm after researching the size of the common cabinet holes in the market.

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