Differences Between Electronic Lock and Access Control System

Technological progress has promoted the safety of buildings, the most powerful proof is the development of electronic locks and access control systems. With the development of technology, they become more and more reliable and have more functions. They are actually very similar, but there are some differences.

access control system

What is an electronic lock?

Corresponding to electronic locks are traditional mechanical locks. It is used in conjunction with electromechanical systems, and the most significant advantage is their safety and ease of use.

Compared to traditional locks, they are difficult to unlock without permission. This provides a higher level of confidence for private users and owners of various institutions. In addition, electronic locks usually do not require a key, so the risk of having to replace the lock due to the loss of the key no longer exists, which means that more money can be saved.

What is an access control system?

This is a technical system that allows certain people to enter different fields, and the object of the application is generally collective. Its function is to ensure that only certified persons can enter. And the access control system usually provides access time, so companies do not need to hire physical monitoring personnel, which saves labor costs for the company.

For example, for an airport, managers will install access control systems in all major parts of the airport, such as the tarmac, hangar, data center, traffic control tower. Only persons or suppliers with corresponding permissions can enter the designated locations. Others cannot enter even if they have the key.

Similarities between electronic locks and access control systems:

The similarity between the two is that they have the same purpose: to help improve security in various fields. And usually can integrate multiple technical solutions, for example, fingerprint and Bluetooth authentication can be used at the same time.

Differences between electronic locks and access control systems:

The difference between them is that electronic locks are used in more restricted spaces, such as hotel rooms, which are reserved for a few people. The access control system is used in spaces or areas with a larger flow of people, such as airports, sports centers, and sewage treatment plants.

In addition, electronic locks usually require wiring to ensure the normal operation of the device, but the access control system does not. There is a branch called passive electronic lock in the access control system. Its installation does not require a power source and is more suitable for organizations or institutions with a very wide area.

Among the passive electronic lock systems, the most representative is the Vanma smart lock system.

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