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Data Center Security: Closing Doors to Unauthorized Users

The security of the data center has always been a concern for managers. They not only need to consider the network security of the data, but also the physical security of the data center. And there are big loopholes in this part, some organizations even decide to migrate from the hybrid environment back to the internally deployed data center.

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How to control physical access to different areas in the data center?

This is the first step to protect the physical security of the data center. In most cases, as long as the door lock is activated, whether it is a room or a single cabinet, physical security can be guaranteed.

But the question is, how do you know who owns the keys to these areas? And can this key only be used by him?

Vanma smart lock can solve this problem. The manager selects the fingerprint key, and the employee needs to perform fingerprint verification before unlocking. If the fingerprint is incorrect, the lock cannot be unlocked. This ensures that this key can only be used by him. And for this key, the manager can authorize it to facilitate maintenance for different organizations.

How to track who entering or leaving the data center?

Controlling physical access to different areas is only half the battle, and it is equally important to ensure that the work is performed as expected through the audit function. This can not only track whether employees are working as expected, but also can be submitted as evidence when an accident occurs to facilitate the identification of the culprit.

Vanma smart lock has an audit function. It can record who opened which lock at what time. The manager only needs to view the report in the management system without complicated operations.

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