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Challenges and Requirements for Access Control in Hospital

In hospitals, access control systems face unique challenges. Because in the hospital, there are many people, patients, and equipment that need to be protected. In addition, the hospital also needs to provide a comfortable space for patients. There are also some medications and patient information that are sensitive and require additional protection.

It just sounds complicated, but the truth is only more complicated. Because hospitals often have more than one building, each building has different responsibilities, so the rules for entering the building are also different. For example, staff in certain departments are not allowed to enter certain areas.

And there are different types of staff in the hospital, which makes access control more complicated. Whether it is different types of staff, temporary employees, or even patients, different levels of access control rights are required.

“The ability to lock down parts of the hospital or the entire facility is essential for continued operations. We need a system that can effectively and quickly change access control permissions. Currently we use paper documents to record patients’ conditions or other things. These files are all placed in the cabinet, so access control also needs to cover our cabinet. The most important thing is that we need security vendors to provide us with an audit trail function. Because we cannot guarantee that all employees abide by the rules, we need to find out who did it in time when an incident occurs. “


The role of Vanma smart lock:

  1. Multiple locks

    In the Vanma smart lock series, there are not only padlocks, round locks, but also cabinet locks. They all use the same system for control, so managers don’t need to worry about not being able to protect files.

  1. Vanma Smart Lock System

    System software is the core. The administrator assigns permissions to users in the system. When permissions need to be changed, they can also be modified through the system, which is convenient and quick.

  1. Audit function

    Whether it is unlocking or closing the lock, this record will be stored in the key. After the user has finished using it, he can upload the data to the website through a data cable or a card issuer. All the administrator needs to do is to open the website, log in to the account, and then click the record function to view the report. The report contains all the uploaded data, who opened or closed which door, at what time, can be viewed through the report.

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