Case Study: Telecom Cabinet in South Africa

The Challenge: Securing Cabinets with Access Control

With the development of telecom in South Africa, Rain (Pty) Ltd and Huarwei jointly launches first standalone 5G network. However, progress brings challenges, and security concerns are a prominent issue in the South African telecom sector. Unauthorized access to telecom cabinets, equipment tampering, and potential data breaches pose significant threats to the smooth functioning of communication networks. 

To ensure the security of sites, Rain took efforts to find solutions.

Customer Needs

“Typically, we assign tasks such as repairs and maintenance to multiple contractors.” The manager from rain said.

“To prevent unauthorized access, we need to strictly control the access rights of different contractors.”

“In the event of accidents such as loss of equipment, we need a complete maintenance report to hold the contractors accountable. Therefore, it is necessary for us and the contractors to know when the locks are switched on and off.”

The Vanma Solution

vanma lock in cabinet
  • Prevent unauthorized access: Management software can authorize Vanma keys to gain access to specific containers, and only assigned sub contractors have permission to use the keys to open locks.
  • Temporary access: If there is a situation of equipment, sub contractors can request for temporary access. They will have one time after the permission of management center.
  • Complete audit report: The person in charge can see all the records of unlocking and locking for easy management. In case of accidents such as lost equipments, The responsibility can be tracked effectively.

Why choose Vanma Lock System?

“In recent years, South Africa has been challenged by power shortages. in 2023, power will only be available for 4 hours a day in winter. Active locks require wiring, and real-time power supply to operate 24/7, which is clearly not an effective protection measure for us.”

“But the Vanma passive lock does.Vanma Lock System helps to ensure security all day. ” Rain’s Manager said.

Vanma provide us customization and modification services. They help us Integrat the new locking system into kafka. That’s really make more convenient for us”

Vanma solved the problem with quick response. Problem appeared when we were conducting sample tests. The technical department responded immediately with a solution and eventually found the reason – the time difference in the virtual server. This also solved the original problem on our system.

Vanma is the best solution which is matching our business

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