Case Study: Water Flow Monitoring Boxes in Dubai


The Challenge: Ensure the security of Electrical panel boxes and routine maintenance management

The appearance of the water flow monitoring box is similar to the telecommunications cabinet, but the purpose and function are different. Water flow monitoring box is used to install water flow monitoring equipment box, its main role is to receive the data collected by the monitoring equipment, and the water flow monitoring equipment for protection and management. Through the water flow monitoring equipment and monitoring box, the water department can promptly find abnormalities in the water pipeline, such as leaks and blockages, in order to timely repair and treatment to ensure the normal operation of the water supply system

“To ensure system stability, the water flow monitoring box requires high security measures to prevent unauthorized access. The record and authorization of unlocking must be closely monitored, and staff are required to adhere to designated lock times. In emergency situations, the manager can remotely grant the operator access to open the lock.”
Project manager of Dubai Electricity&Water Authority said.

They are looking for a high-security intelligent lock management system with authorized unlocking and unlocking records.

electronic locking system

The solution from Vanma

  • Multiple locks opening with 1 key, temporary authorization to unlock

    With Vanma’s electronic lock system, personnel authority can be preset in the background. Staff members simply carry an electronic key to access and perform maintenance on all water flow monitoring boxes in the area. In case of emergency, the operator can request authorization through the app to unlock boxes outside the designated area.

  • Records of locking and unlocking

    TThe manager can monitor the operator’s real-time record of lock activity in the background. The system can also be customized to provide unlocking reminders to prevent equipment loss due to staff forgetting to re-lock boxes after maintenance.

  • Electronic lock cylinder to prevent technical unlocking.

    Vanma smart lock system adopts electronic lock cylinder without lock hole design. It cannot be opened by traditional means of technical unlocking. In order to achieve a high degree of dust resistance, Vanma has customized rubber sleeves to protect the lock to increase the life of use.

Vanma smart locking system is a high-performance locking solution that offers convenience and security that you can’t find with traditional mechanical solutions. With the Vanma Electronic Passive Lock, smart keys are programmed with access permissions for each individual user. It’s impossible with traditional mechanical solutions.

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority update to Vanma electronic lock system.

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