Case Study: Vending Machines in Kosovo

This vending machine company in Kosovo operates many types of vending machines and has a wide area with a high coverage in the city. As a result, replenishment and maintenance of the vending machines, which are scattered in various areas, became a major management pain point for the company.

Vanma took a number of steps to ensure that the vending machines were managed with reliability and security.

“We needed a locking system to be able to manage our company’s vending machines that are scattered all over the city and track the management of the vending machines through the system. It needed to ensure that the boxes were not opened by unauthorized people, and we needed to know who operated and serviced the boxes at what time.” The vending machine company presented their needs. They wanted to know who unlocked the box, when and where it was opened, and when it was used. They were looking for a locking product that could be adapted to their vending machine cases.

Vending machine maintenance

The Solution from Vanma

After thorough research and system planning, the vending company chose to use Vanma Control Systems. vanma helped them re-model their cases with Vanma electronic locks and configure the Vanma management system. “Our use of Vanma’s access control system was necessary to ensure the operation and security of the vending machines.” The vending machine company gave Vanma this feedback.

  • Vanma access control system authorizes access through electronic keys.

    The vending machine company implements authorization management in the software platform through the Vanma locking system. vanma gives each electronic key the access rights it needs to complete its work by setting access rights to it. Technican receive the job assignment After receiving the job assignment, Technican collects the electronic key and the collection time is synchronized to the system in real time. The technician arrives at the site and unlocks and works on the vending machine to be maintained. When the job is finished, the electronic key is returned and the system software automatically records the person and time of return.

  • Vanma Smart Key can open multiple locks by one key.

    This is a good solution to the problem of too many vending machines scattered in various areas causing too many keys that are not easy to distinguish, saving customers a lot of time cost and money cost. The electronic key has fingerprint function different people can unlock and control the key after entering.

  • Vanma lock adopts infrared contact unlocking method.

    While retaining the traditional key unlocking method, it can prevent human prying and damage, which can greatly save maintenance costs. It also ensures the proper operation of the vending machine when left unsupervised.

The Vanma solution improves the efficiency of our vending machine management and meets our need for intelligent vending machine management. It’s very useful. ” said the staff of the vending machine company.

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