Case Study: Vanma Lock for Oraxel Solution

Founded in May 2013, Oraxel is a new subsidiary of SADITA Holdings, focusing on telecommunications services in local markets in Kuwait, Iraq and Canada.
Since cellular communications are ubiquitous, cell towers must also be ubiquitous. For example, there appear to be more than 7 million cell towers or wireless base stations worldwide. All of these sites require electrical communication equipment to create grids or cells that enable cellular phones and other connected devices to communicate with central office equipment and then connect calls to the rest of the world.
oraxel solutions
Because cell towers are numerous and often have to be located in remote areas, they are always at risk of being targeted by thieves and vandals. In many emerging markets, as well as rural areas in developed markets, cell towers are not even connected to the grid, so they must be powered by generators, usually diesel. The threat of diesel theft in emerging markets is widespread. Other cell tower security threats are also a risk to these cell sites, including fires, other natural disasters, and various equipment failures that can also disrupt cellular service.

Michael from Oraxel Solutions said: “We were looking for a solution that would allow us to strengthen our security at various remote locations to replace our existing access control systems that required long-term maintenance. “

Solution: Vanma lock

Benefits of Vanma’s lock solution:

  • Easy maintenance reduces operating costs
  • Fully controllable key and lock management
  • Ability to eliminate lost/stolen keys from the system
  • One key can access multiple locks
  • Provide unlocking and locking records
telecom shelters

Robust security solutions for remote environments

Telecom towers, infrastructure, and networks are often located in the most inhospitable and remote areas. Vanma solutions are built without compromising security or access control to handle extreme conditions and remote locations. Vanma adds Bluetooth functionality to the key, whose access can be issued and accepted from anywhere. Increased flexibility, especially handy for maintenance personnel or unforeseen emergencies.

Provide comprehensive personnel access records

With so many towers, mobile network operators, and their need for employee and subcontractor access, traceable records of personnel access are important, especially during maintenance. The Vanma solution grants access to the relevant people. Persons without access rights cannot enter sensitive areas, and a record of each access will be kept for traceability. Vanma solutions ensure that every operation of your employees is safe and reliable.

Michael from Oraxel Solutions states: “We installed Vanma Lock, and the effect is excellent. Installed Vanma Lock in 200 telecom shelters. The system combines electromechanical technology, reduced operating costs, and full control of keys, which greatly increases management efficiency.”

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