Case Study: Vanma Lock for Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait Oil Company is engaged in the exploration, drilling and production of oil and natural gas in Kuwait. The company is also involved in crude oil storage and transportation to tankers for export.
The oil industry is vital to the functioning of society and the economy, and any disruption to its discovery, extraction, processing and transportation processes can have a significant impact on the country’s ability to operate, its economy and its GDP. Reliable and effective physical security in the oil industry is a challenging goal when located in remote and often high-risk locations. How to curb terrorist attacks and prevent the theft of crude oil resources is a topic that global oil companies are concerned about.
Kuwait Oil Company
Securing these sites is usually performed by restricting access to malicious intrusions at the perimeter of the site, denying access to vulnerable parts of the site. Any solution strategy should begin with simple changes to reduce the threat, including retrofitting infrastructure to protect “weaker” fenced areas near entry point areas. As with most vulnerabilities, physical protection is unlikely to completely eliminate the risk of an attack, but it turns out that higher levels of protection will reduce the likelihood and certainly mitigate the consequences of any attack.
Dana Abdulrahman Taleb from Kuwait Oil Company said that in the original pipeline, every lock could be opened by a master key, which allowed an operator to open any lock without authorization. And on the whole line, there are multiple master keys in use, which makes all the locks useless.

Dana Abdulrahman Taleb said, “A more robust key access control system needs to be introduced to centrally manage plumbing routes, all locks in facilities.”

Solution: Vanma lock

Benefits of Vanma’s lock solution:

  • Easy maintenance reduces operating costs
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Fully controllable key and lock management
  • Ability to eliminate lost/stolen keys from the system
  • Provide unlocking and locking records

Protecting petroleum in extreme environments

Vanma solutions raise the industry standard of protection (IP67) and are salt spray tested to withstand the harshest physical attacks, chemical corrosion and extreme weather conditions. Ideal for refineries and exploration sites or drilling rigs, often located in the most remote areas of the planet with harsh and extreme conditions.
Kuwait Oil Company
The Vanma solution grants access to the relevant people. Persons without access rights cannot enter sensitive areas, and a record of each access will be kept for traceability. Vanma solutions ensure that every operation of your employees is safe and reliable.

Dana Abdulrahman Taleb stated:“We installed Vanma locks on pipeline routes, fences. Eliminates all unauthorized access, increases operator accountability, and achieves absolute control over assets.”

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