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Case Study: Swedish Prison Door Locks

The Challenge: Prison locks with traceability management

The local prisons in Sweden hold many incarcerated subjects, who are the most dangerous group of people in society; some suicides, escapes, murders, prison riots, disturbances, and other incidents often occur in prisons, so the security management of prisons is also more difficult compared to other institutions. Due to its special nature, the face of the occasional escape, the requirements of the door lock is relatively strict compared to other industries, a card or a password to unlock the way there is a great security risk. Even in prisons with a high security level, the locks only have the function of opening and closing the door.
Vanma has taken many steps to enhance the level of security management in prisons to ensure their reliability and the stability of the community.

“We needed a locking system to manage the cell doors and heavy control room doors in the prison, and to record and track the unlockers and unlocking times through the management system. Due to the special nature of prisons, each door needs to be opened with care and we want to ensure that each lock opening is traceable.” Prison administrators presented their needs. They wanted to know who unlocked the prison doors and which room door was unlocked at what time. They were looking for a lockout product with management capabilities that would enable high security.

The solution from Vanma

After in-depth research and system planning, Shenbei Water chose to use Vanma Control Systems. vanma helped them re-lock the room doors in their prison jurisdiction, install Vanma electronic locks and configure the Vanma management system. “We used Vanma’s access control system to solve the challenge of managing prison door locks,” was the feedback given to Vanma by the prison management.

  • The Vanma smart key enables multiple locks to be opened with a single key.

    This solves the problem that keys are not easily distinguishable due to too many cell rooms. One key can be used to unlock cells in different jurisdictions, increasing efficiency and saving customers a lot of money. The electronic key has a fingerprint function different people can unlock the key after entering it and control it.

  • The Vanma access control system provides authorized access via electronic keys.

    Through Vanma locking system in the software platform to achieve hierarchical management, authorization management, Vanma through each electronic key access rights settings, can ensure that different keys authorized to open different room doors, for the cell door and other management room door separate management. At the same time, it records the lock opening and closing time and personnel, and transmits the unlocking data to Vanma management system in real time to solve the management problem that cannot be traced back to people.

  • Vanma has a patented unlocking method to circumvent the technical unlocking problem.

    Vanma lock adopts infrared contact unlocking method, while retaining the traditional unlocking method, the design of no lock hole can avoid technical unlocking, anti-pry and anti-damage. To a large extent, it ensures the security of the prison.

Vanma electronic lock

Vanma solution combines the intelligent fingerprint electronic key and passive electronic lock mode to guarantee the safe opening and closing of each prison door. Really realize the complete matching of people, locks and time, and form the big data management of prison lock control. Through the overall traceable management, to achieve evidence-based, traceable responsibility. Guarantee the most basic security of the prison,” said the prison’s management staff.

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