Case Study: Storage Tanks in the USA

The Challenge: Securing Storage Tanks with Access Control

Valero Energy Corporation asphalt storage tank

As a leader in the global petroleum sector, Valero Energy Corporation faced an increasingly complex security landscape. The outdated lead-seal locks safeguarding their Hydrogenation Workshop’s storage tank area became emblematic of broader industry vulnerabilities. These traditional systems not only posed risks of tampering and breaches but also introduced operational inefficiencies and accountability concerns. In an industry where both safety and swift operations are paramount, Valero urgently needed to evolve.

Customer Needs

For Valero, maintaining an impeccable security standard was always a top priority. However, the existing lead-seal locks presented numerous challenges:

  • Limited Security: These traditional locks were susceptible to tampering and unauthorized access, posing a significant security risk.
  • Operational Delays: Every time a tank had to be accessed, the process was time-consuming, often requiring manual logging and verification. This led to inefficiencies and operational delays.
  • Lack of Advanced Features: With no way to track or authenticate who accessed the tanks, there was no accountability in place, leading to potential internal and external threats.

With these limitations, Valero was in dire need of a locking system that would not only elevate their security measures but also streamline their operational processes, ensuring smooth and efficient tank access.

The Vanma Solution

As Valero sought to navigate its challenges, Vanma introduced a lock system tailored to meet their specific needs:

  1. Time Efficiency: The Vanma lock system comes with the capability of one key unlocking multiple locks. This eliminated the time and hassle of key management, ensuring that the staff could focus on core tasks rather than searching for the right key.

  2. Enhanced Security: Through a dedicated management software, access rights can be designated to specific personnel. This feature ensured that only authorized personnel could access the tanks, significantly reducing the risk of internal and external theft. It represented a leap from mere security to smart security.

  3. Ease of Management: For administrators, the system offers a comprehensive lock access report in the backend. This allows for clear insights into staff working hours and access patterns, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Why choose Vanma Lock System?

Alex Thompson, the Chief Operations Officer at Valero Energy Corporation, reflected, “With Vanma, it was evident we weren’t just getting a product; we were embracing a solution.”

“The fingerprint feature, paired with the ease of access, didn’t just solve our security concerns; it revolutionized our operational processes. Vanma’s insight into our needs and their innovative approach resonated with our company’s spirit of progress.”

In this partnership, Valero Energy Corporation didn’t merely upgrade its security; it set a precedent for operational excellence.

At Vanma, we take pride in not just meeting but exceeding our client’s expectations.

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