Case Study: Train Containers in Kenya

The Challenge: Securing and Tracking the Cargo

Rail freights trains have as many as 100 containers for storing cargo, so it is often used to transport tons of cargo over long distances, making it very cost effective for long-distance freight.

However, the long transport routes make it easy to lose cargo and make the workflow difficult to manage once the train stops in several areas for loading and unloading. Therefore, it is necessary to take certain protection and management measures for train containers.

Customer Needs

“To prevent cargo loss, we need to strictly manage the unlocking and locking authority, so that unauthorized personnel have no access to containers.”

“As a manager of a logistics company, we need to supervise the loading and unloading of cargo in real time. Only when the train arrives at a specific location, the warehouse manager is allowed to open the container.”

“Visualization of the workflow is necessary for us in order to prevent any accidents in the cargo”

The solution from Vanma

  • Prevent unauthorized access: Management software can authorize Vanma keys to gain access to specific containers, and only assigned warehouse managers have permission to use the keys to open locks.
  • Temporary access: When a train arrives at a destination, warehouse managers can request temporary access. When the phone is connected to the key via Bluetooth and the logistics manager can see the geographic location of unlocking and locking.
  • Complete audit report: The person in charge can see all the records of lock opening and closing for easy management. In case of accidents such as lost goods, The responsibility can be tracked effectively.

Why choose Vanma Lock System?

“You know, actually the smart locks with power have more popularization. And we originally wanted to use an smart electronic lock to manage our process. But when we understand the Vanma lock system, we changed our minds.”

Vanma Lock System helps to reduce long-term costs. By using Vanma lock system, we save the long-term cost of electrical and manual wiring. 

More convenient than smart electronic locks. We applied 1500 locks and 30 keys, and warehouse manager could access all the container with one key in permission without worry of unconvenience of power outage. And we can tracking the data like smart lock system, it also Simplifies management process.”

Vanma provide all services we need. Thier technical department modified the software according to our needs for geolocation and guided the operation. Their timely and effective response made our project go very smoothly.”

Vanma Lock is the most suitable management system for us. And Vanma is a trustworthy company. We really appreciate.”

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