Case Study: Revolutionizing EV Charging Infrastructure Across Europe

Backdrop: The Age of Electric Mobility

ChargePoint, a leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, was at the crossroads of an industry revolution. While their vast network of charging stations served countless vehicles daily, they faced a mounting challenge. The electric vehicle charging cabinet, a critical component of their infrastructure, were protected by outdated lead-seal locks, raising concerns about security and efficiency.


The Challenge: Securing EV Charging Equipment with Access Control

ChargePoint’s conventional security system began showing its age:

  • Access Vulnerabilities: Traditional locks, susceptible to tampering and wear, left charging stations at risk. Unauthorized access to such critical equipment could result in misuse or even sabotage.
  • Operational Inefficiencies: Manual logging and verification processes were not just time-consuming but also prone to errors, leading to potential untracked breaches.
  • Accountability Concerns: The dated system lacked the means to effectively track and authenticate access, making accountability a challenge in the event of security incidents.

These issues posed real risks—potential equipment damage, data breaches, and larger security threats, which could impact the brand’s reputation.

The Vanma Solution


Facing the challenges head-on, Vanma’s solution provided transformative results:

  • Streamlined Access: In a recent incident at a busy Berlin station, an operational team needed to access multiple charging cabinets due to a power fluctuation. Thanks to Vanma’s system, a single key unlocked all relevant cabinets, cutting down response time by 70%. This rapid response prevented prolonged downtimes during peak hours.
  • Elevated Security Protocols: At a Paris station, an unauthorized individual attempted access. The Vanma system’s role-based access and fingerprint authentication denied entry. Subsequent data showed unauthorized access attempts dropped by 90% after system integration.
  • Operational Transparency: After a routine audit at a Madrid station, the backend system’s comprehensive access logs showcased every entry and exit. This level of detail, providing an 80% boost in transparency, proved invaluable in ensuring staff accountability and operational integrity.

Why choose Vanma Lock System?

Carlos Rodriguez, the European Infrastructure Lead at ChargePoint, shared, “The Vanma system was transformative. It provided not just enhanced security but also significantly improved our operational efficiency. This collaboration aligns perfectly with ChargePoint’s commitment to innovation and operational excellence.”

Through this partnership, ChargePoint didn’t just bolster its security but also set new benchmarks in operational efficiency for EV charging infrastructure across Europe.

At Vanma, our goal is to innovate, ensuring our clients stay ahead in their industry.

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