Case Study: Polk Hospital First Aid Kit, USA

Challenge: Authorized management of emergency drugs

Polk Hospital in the United States is a well-known local general hospital with a huge volume of patients and medical resources demand. The hospital’s emergency center is highly saturated every day, and the management and use of emergency supplies is a major pain point for the hospital’s management.

Vanma has taken steps to manage the use of emergency supplies in a targeted manner to ensure the reliability of medical safety.

“We needed a locking system that could be placed on the first aid kits to ensure that our medical staff had access to medicines and first aid equipment during emergency missions and that unauthorized personnel did not have access to medicines. We are able to have an accurate traceability mechanism for the flow of medications. “The staff at Polk Hospital presented their needs. They were looking for a locking product that would be adapted to the first aid kit.

The solution from Vanma

After in-depth research and system planning, Polk Hospital chose to use the Vanma control system. vanma helped them retrofit their locking system for their medical emergency kits by installing Vanma electronic locks and configuring the Vanma management system. “Our use of Vanma’s locking system is extraordinarily important for the standardized management of medical resources and the security of emergency equipment.” Polk Hospital gave Vanma this feedback.

  • Vanma access control system authorizes unlocking personnel via electronic keys

    With the Vanma lockout system hospitals can implement hierarchical and authorized management in the software platform. The hospital’s control center receives a request for a trip, the Paramedics claims the first aid kit from the logistics management center, and the head of the logistics management center authorizes the key, sets the key and the lock for the first aid kit and the information about the person who claims it. The emergency physician arrives at the site and uses the authorized key to open the box and use the medicine. The electronic key will record the status of the lock and the operator and the time of unlocking.

  • Vanma management system can record the time of opening and closing the lock in real and real time, and upload the relevant data to the management system in real time.

    The traceability of medicine and emergency equipment use is especially important. Vanma system can reduce unnecessary mistakes and medicine loss by timely traceability of medicine through real-time uploading of opening and closing lock records.

  • Vanma smart key can open multiple locks with one key.

    Doctors in emergency centers can distinguish personnel by means of fingerprint recognition and use one key to open multiple first aid kits. Due to the stressful nature of first aid and the flexibility in the use of first responders, one key can greatly save time costs and money costs. Shortening the time of first aid while ensuring the reliability of the personnel using it.

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