Case Study: Polish Delivery Locker

This Polish delivery container company has their products distributed in many local areas, with a large and scattered presence in the city. The maintenance and management of the scattered containers became a major pain point for the company. As a result, Vanma took a number of steps to effectively manage the dispersed cabinets across the city to ensure the safety of the cabinets and the security of the stored items.

“We needed a system to manage our company’s products scattered in corners of the city and to track access to the maintenance area of the delivery lockers through the system. Because the courier lockers are more dispersed, it is often very difficult to manage the people who visit them, and we cannot be sure that the maintenance personnel are actually performing maintenance operations on them. “The company directors presented their needs. They wanted to know who unlocked the courier lockers and at what time the unlocking took place. They were looking for a new locking product that could be adapted to their courier cabinets.

The solution from Vanma

After in-depth research and system planning, the company chose to use the Vanma control system. vanma helped them re-lock their scattered courier cabinets by installing courier-adapted Vanma electronic cabinet locks on the cabinets and configuring the Vanma management system. “Our use of Vanma’s access control system is critical to the security of the courier lockers. “The courier locker company gave Vanma this feedback.

  • The Vanma access control system authorizes access via electronic keys.

    Hierarchical, authorization management is implemented in the software platform through the Vanma locking system. vanma gives each electronic key the access rights it needs to do its job by setting the access rights. The technican receives the task of express cabinet operation. The management system authorizes the maintenance personnel to collect the access keys and the software records the time of collection. The maintenance staff arrives on site to perform the job.

  • Vanma Smart Key is able to open multiple locks with one key.

    Due to the large number of locking positions on the courier cabinets and the large number of courier cabinets to be maintained, Vanma one key to open multiple locks can be a good solution to the problem of too many cabinets into too many keys that are not easy to distinguish, and save a lot of costs for the customer. The electronic key has fingerprint function different personnel can unlock the control of the key after entering.

  • Vanma management system can record the time of opening and closing the lock in real and real time.

    The electronic key sends permission information through APP, collects operation log and gets real-time status information of the key. When the electronic key is returned after Technican’s work, the system software will automatically record the returner and the return time. The manager can effectively manage the maintenance of the courier locker by opening and closing the lock records.

The Vanma solution has improved the management efficiency of our company’s courier lockers, satisfying the need for security and the effectiveness of management. We are very benefited. “The person in charge said.

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