Case study: Nile University of Nigeria Always Closing Doors

The Challenge: A fire door cylinder with intelligent locking system

Nile University of Nigeria is a highly recognized multidisciplinary private university in Nigeria with well-equipped campus facilities and a high awareness of school security. To ensure the safety of the university’s vital facilities and the personal safety of its students, the university pays extra attention to the locking systems of the doors of each premises.
Vanma has taken many steps to enhance security at the school, especially the locking of the school’s permanent doors.

“We needed a system to manage the locking of the school’s doors and to know exactly how they were opened. The need for a system to manage the locking of the school’s doors is particularly urgent because it is a weak point and requires a specific person to open it.” nile University presented their needs. They wanted a lockout system to know who unlocked the standing door at what time.
They were looking for a lockout product that could be adapted to the standing door closures they already had.


The solution from Vanma

After thorough research and system planning, Nile University chose to use the Vanma control system. vanma helped them re-lock their standing doors by installing Vanma fire door electronic lock cylinders on the standing doors at each site and configuring the Vanma management system. “Our use of Vanma’s access control system has been very important in securing the university’s premises,” was the feedback given to Vanma by the staff at nile University.

  • Vanma access control system for access authorization via electronic keys
    The Vanma locking system enables hierarchical management and authorization management in the software platform. vanma sets access rights for each electronic key by giving it the access rights it needs to do its job. staff receives the unlocking task, collects the key in the system, the software records the time of collection, and staff arrives on site to open and close the door. It avoids the door being opened by an unrelated person and causing an accident.
  • Vanma management system can record the time of unlocking and closing in real and real time, and upload the relevant data to the management system in real time.
    By unlocking the door, it is convenient for the manager to monitor the unlocking person and the unlocking time.
  • Vanma smart key can open multiple locks through one key.

    This solves the problem that the number of keys is too much to distinguish due to more frequent closing of doors that need to be unlocked, and saves a lot of cost for customers. The electronic key has fingerprint function different personnel can unlock the key after entering to control.

Vanma solution improves our management effect for school security and meets our demand for intelligent management of frequently closed doors. This is very effective for school security”, said the school staff.

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