Case study: Nigerian Oil Tanker Truck

Challenge: Photo confirmation of lock status back to management system in real time

Oil transportation security is a major concern for any company that moves and distributes oil. Various cargoes require different types of tankers in order to safely deliver the cargo to the road within the requirements of the Ministry of Transport.  Fuel transportation systems, warehouses, chemical carriers and gas carriers need safe and reliable tankers to carry these materials. The Nigerian tanker transport company has done a lot to ensure the safety of tankers. vanma has taken many steps to protect the safety and reliability of tankers in the transport chain.

“We needed a locking system to ensure that all tankers are always monitored, no matter where they are delivered, with a real-time record of loading and unloading times and processes, and who unlocks them and where. It can also have the ability to authorize specific people to unlock. “The transportation companies came up with their needs. They needed to know who unlocked the locks, when they unlocked them, and where they unlocked them. They were looking for such a locking product that they could use on their oil tanker trucks.

The solution from Vanma

After thorough research and system planning, the Nigerian tanker company chose to use the Vanma control system. Vanma selected an electronic padlock adapted to their tanker structure and equipped them with the Vanma management system. “Our use of Vanma’s access control system was necessary to secure the tanker,” was the feedback from the tanker company to Vanma.

  • The Vanma access control system allows temporary access authorization via an electronic key.

    Vanma access rights are set for each electronic key so that it has the necessary access rights to do its job. The tanker driver drives into the filling station, verifies the appropriate information, and hands over the relevant documents. Park the car to the designated cargo space. Open the cell phone APP to connect to the server and apply for temporary unlocking permission. After the management center personnel and the cargo station review and approve, the driver uses the Bluetooth key to communicate with the APP to open the lock of the oil reservoir filling port.

  • Vanma management system can record the time of lock and unlock in real and real time, and upload the relevant data to the management system in real time.

    After opening the locks, the lock status is photographed and the APP synchronizes the opening records, time and personnel to the background. After the oil payment operation is finished, the lock-off authority is obtained through APP and the lock-off operation is carried out. After the operation, the lock status is photographed and the APP synchronizes the unlocking record, time and personnel to the background.

  • Vanma lock body is made of stainless steel and has IP68 protection level.

     It has good resistance to corrosion-prone areas such as water systems. At the same time, Vanma locks use infrared contact unlocking method, while retaining the traditional unlocking method without the lock hole design can prevent picking and vandalism.

“The Vanma solution has improved our management efficiency for the tanker transportation chain and met our need to ensure the safety of energy transportation. ” said the staff of the tanker transport company.

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