Case Study: Natural gas pipeline in Pakistan

gas pipeline

The Challenge: Wireless Access control system with Authorized unlocking

A natural gas pipeline is a pipeline system used to transport natural gas, usually consisting of steel pipelines and related equipment.
Natural gas pipelines Despite the advantages of natural gas pipelines such as efficiency, safety and reliability, there are some risks and challenges such as pipeline leakage, safety accidents and environmental pollution. In order to ensure the stable and safe transportation of natural gas in pipelines, each station usually takes some safety measures, such as installing locks and restricting access and operation of the pipeline.


“We need a secure and effective access control system to restrict access and operation of the pipeline so that only authorized personnel can use the pipeline. These locks need to be installed on the gates that protect the gas pipeline fence to prevent unauthorized personnel from approaching or dismantling the pipeline and causing serious safety incidents” said a Pakistan Gas administrator.
“We are looking for access control systems that can enable authorized access with intelligent management without power.”

gate lock for pipeline

The solution from Vanma

After thorough deep research and system planning, The managers of the natural gas pipeline in Pakistan chose to use the Vanma lock system. Vanma helped them re-lock the gate of the natural pipeline, install Vanma electronic passive locks and configure the Vanma management system.
  • Vanma electronic lock cylinder, one key can unlock multiple locks.
    Vanma management system realizes the function of unlocking multiple locks with one key within a preset time period by assigning operation privileges to staff members. When the key confirms the staff authority by fingerprint, the operator can open all the operation boxes within the authority by carrying only one key.
  • Vanma intelligent locks graded authority management authorization.
    Vanma management system can set the personnel authority in advance, and the administrator can remotely authorize to the operator to open and close the lock authority. When there is a sudden failure of the equipment, the operator can apply for authorization for temporary maintenance at any time.
  • Vanma can record the lock opening and closing in real time. Vanma lock adopts infrared contact unlocking method, while retaining the traditional unlocking method, the design of no lock hole can avoid technical unlocking, anti-pry and anti-damage. To a large extent, it ensures the security of the prison.
The Vanma intelligent access control system offers an ideal solution that enhances pipeline security and reduces the cost of lock replacement in case of lost keys. Overall, we are highly satisfied with Vanma’s passive locking system.

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