Case Study: Kiosk at CIMB Bank Malaysia

Challenge: Record lock opening and closing records while taking photos for uploading verification

CIMB Bank Malaysia is a local full-service bank with many branches and business outlets, covering a wide range of businesses. Vanma took a number of steps to secure the bank’s Kiosk from theft and vandalism.

“We needed a system that could manage the Kiosk machines and track the time of adding and unloading money through the system. Because of the decentralized nature of the smart kiosk machines, we need to be able to ensure that it is our designated person who opens the kiosk machine for operation, while strictly guaranteeing the operation time. “The CIMB staff presented their needs. They wanted to know who unlocked the kiosk and what time the adding and unloading of banknotes was recorded. They were looking for a locking product that could be applied to the kiosk.

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The solution from Vanma

After thorough research and system planning, CIMB decided to go with the Vanma control system. vanma helped them retrofit the kiosk at each site with new Vanma locking devices and configure the Vanma management system. “It is very important that we use the Vanm access control system to protect the bank’s property security. “The staff gave Vanma this feedback.

  • The Vanma access control system uses two-person fingerprint verification to authorize lockout.

    CIMB implements hierarchical management and authorization management in the software platform through the Vanma locking system. Vanma enables each electronic key to have the access privileges needed to complete its work by setting access rights to it. The kiosk is divided into operation administrator and banknote box administrator, and the operation administrator is responsible for receiving and managing the keys. Upon receipt of the notice of bill adding/unloading operation, the administrator picks up the smart key at the branch or regional business outlet and goes to the operation site with the banknote box administrator. According to the requirement of double unlocking, the operation administrator and banknote box administrator both verify through and open the cabinet, and the key records the lock status and operator, time. And then the operation of adding and unloading banknotes is carried out.

  • Vanma management system can record the time of opening and closing the lock in real and real time, and customize the photo upload function for customers. Upload the relevant data to the management system in real time. Through the unlocking method, it is convenient for the manager to monitor the operation of adding and unloading banknotes.

  • Vanma smart key can open multiple locks through one key.

    This is a good solution to the problem of too many business points causing too many keys that are not easy to distinguish. Vanma can realize one key to unlock multiple locks, and the unified business area using the same key to unlock the locks saves a lot of cost for customers, and at the same time can better manage the keys. The electronic key has fingerprint function and can be unlocked and controlled by different personnel after entering.

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