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Case Study Exploration:Water Company

Challenge: Clarify the destination of water withdrawal and water use and keep records

Shenbei Water Company in Shenyang mainly includes water supply services, wastewater treatment, industrial investment, water supply engineering, construction of wastewater treatment projects and related technical consulting, and operation and management of wastewater treatment projects. The input and use of water is the main direction of regulation. vanma has taken many measures to protect water supply and storage issues to maintain the reliability of its various water facilities.

“We needed a system to manage the fire water boxes in our jurisdiction and to track water usage through the system. Since fire water boxes are placed outdoors, water loss is a serious problem. The whereabouts of the water could not be tracked effectively. It is also impossible to trace the responsibility for the loss.” Shenbei Water presented their needs. They wanted to know who unlocked the water box, when and where it was used again, and when the water was used. They were looking for a locking product that could be adapted to the fire water boxes they already had.

The solution from Vanma

After thorough research and system planning, Shenbei Water chose to use the Vanma control system. vanma helped them re-lock the fire water in their jurisdiction by installing Vanma electronic locks on the fire water control cistern facilities and configuring the Vanma management system. “Our use of  Vanma access control system has been critical to protecting the fire water in the jurisdiction,” was the feedback from the water utility to Vanma.


The Vanma access control system provides data access via an electronic key.

  • The water utility uses the Vanma lockdown system to implement hierarchical, authorized management in a software platform. vanma sets access rights for each electronic key by giving it the access it needs to get the job done.
  • Vanma management system can record the time of opening and closing locks in real and real time, and upload the relevant data to the management system in real time. Through the unlocking method, it is convenient for the manager to monitor the time of water use, water users and water locations.
  • Vanma intelligent key can open multiple locks by one key, which solves the problem of too many keys not being able to distinguish well due to too many water use locations for fire fighting and saves a lot of cost for customers. The electronic key has fingerprint function different personnel can unlock and control the key after entering.
  • Vanma’s lock body is made of stainless steel and has IP68 protection level. It has good resistance to corrosion-prone areas such as water systems. At the same time, Vanma locks use infrared contact unlocking method, which can prevent picking and vandalism while retaining the traditional unlocking method.

The Vanma solution has improved the effectiveness of our water management for firefighting, meeting our need for intelligent management of water for firefighting. This is very effective in protecting water resources,” said the staff of the water company.

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