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Case Study Exploration: The Bureau of Finance Server Room

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Challenge: Transforming and authorizing access to network asset locations

Dingxi City Finance Bureau is responsible for the supervision and management of many financial and taxation expenditures; managing financial bills and data information is exceptionally important. Once the loss of business data live information system failure will affect the local financial and government security. The located server room is the main storage place of the Finance Bureau for various financial information such as funds and confidential documents, which has extremely high requirements for network security and information security. Worried about the possibility of vandalism, theft and acts of domestic or international terrorism, the Dingxi Finance Bureau’s server room equipment is older, and a new locked access control system for the original equipment is a very important part of the process. vanma has taken many measures to protect its physical assets to maintain the reliability of its high-capacity power system.

“We needed a system to eliminate the risks associated with duplication of keys and by tracking access to maintenance and construction personnel that contain the location of critical network assets. Then had a reporting mechanism so that both staff and management can function on the lockdown system traveling different roles.” The Financial  Bureau of Dingxi presented their needs. They wanted to know where each key was used, how it was used, and by whom. They were looking for a lockout product that would integrate with the equipment and systems they already had in place for their server room.

The Solution from Vanma

After an in-depth product understanding and system planning, the Dingxi Finance Bureau chose to use Vanma Control Systems. Vanma helped them install Vanma electronic locks and configure Vanma management systems on their server room cabinets, control room doors and other critical fiscal management facilities. “Our use of Vanma access control system has been critical to transforming the finance bureau’s network assets,” was the feedback given to Vanma by the finance bureau.

  • The Vanma access control system provides access through its network asset locations. The Finance Bureau issues electronic keys to maintenance and construction personnel who need access to the server room and specific equipment areas. Combined with the business requirements of communication room security management, hierarchical management and authorization management are implemented in the software platform.
  • Vanma enables each electronic key to have the access rights required to complete its work by setting access rights to it. At the same time, Vanma management system can record the time of opening and closing locks in real time so that they can track the people coming and going in different locations;
  • Through the function that one key can open multiple locks, it solves the problem of too many keys that are not easy to distinguish and saves a lot of cost for the customer.
  • Vanma assisted Dingxi Finance Bureau to renovate the old server room, repeatedly communicated the direction and size of the lock holes, and drew drawings for customization. Drawings were made to do customization. “The Vanma solution has improved the order of our equipment in the server room and distribution room, and allowed us to have an intelligent server room.This is very helpful for managing financial data and resources,” said the Finance Bureau staff.

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