Case Study: Energy Isolation Panels and Valves in Brazil

energy isolation

The Challenge: Avoid accidental operation and ensure the safety of workers

Locks are a very important tool in energy isolation to ensure that equipment is operated by mistake or accidentally activated during maintenance, servicing, or cleaning, thus keeping staff safe.
“During energy isolation, locks are often required to secure energy isolation equipment, such as circuit breakers, disconnect switches, or valves, to ensure that the energy source is completely isolated. In this case, locks are used to lock energy isolation equipment to prevent them from being accidentally opened during maintenance.
“A strict energy isolation process minimizes accidents. “
“To ensure complete isolation of the energy source, we must use a high-security locking system. Only the specific person in charge has the authority to unlock the energy isolation equipment. ” said the manager of a Brazilian energy isolation company.

The solution from Vanma

  • Stainless steel with IP68 protection
    Unlike other types of electronic access control systems, the waterproof IP68-rated Vanma lock system can be used properly in extreme weather. It can currently be used in temperatures from -40°C to -70°C and humidity from 20% to 97%.
  • Personnel authorization to unlock
    The Vanma lock system can set personnel unlocking authority, which is authorized by biometric fingerprint authentication, customizing two-person authentication unlocking for energy isolation. Maximum security is improved. Use Vanma locks for energy isolation when performing maintenance, repair, or cleaning work, and follow standard procedures to ensure the safety of personnel. Vanma smart lock system indicates no such tags or marker plates to mark equipment in isolation, to prevent misuse by other personnel.
  • Temporary authorization to unlock
    When the energy source equipment requires a very high level of security, operators need to temporarily request unlocking authority from management. Without management authorization, operators cannot open the lock even if they receive the key.
“The Vanma lock system is the perfect solution to our current problem. Its use in the energy isolation process is a simple and effective way to help prevent unnecessary accidents and protect staff.”

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