Case study: Dominican Republic power station distribution box

Challenge: Clarify the site operation authority of operators through mobile app

Dominica Republic is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea, and their power station is remote and surrounded by the sea on all sides. The need for electricity is very high, so it is especially important to protect the distribution equipment that is distributed everywhere.

Vanma took targeted measures to ensure the maintenance and use of the distribution boxes in Dominica to maintain the safety and stability of their power plants.

“We needed a system to lock the facilities in defined areas with different key management rights. The ability to do this to authorize specific unlocking personnel. Since the power stations are in remote areas, we wanted to ensure that the distribution boxes would not be opened by unrelated personnel. At the same time, the system is able to trace the work process,” said the Dominican power plant company of their requirements. They needed to know who had unlocked the switchboards, when and where they were used. They wanted a locking product that could be adapted to the existing distribution boxes.


The solution from Vanma

After thorough research and system planning, Dominican Power Station chose to use the Vanma control system. vanma helped them re-lock the distribution boxes in each area. “Our use of Vanma’s access control system has been crucial in securing the distribution boxes,” was the feedback from the power plant company.

  • Vanma’s access control system provides authorized access via electronic keys.

    Vanma access rights are set for each electronic key so that it has the necessary access rights to do its job. Upon receiving an incident report for a distribution box, the Electrician brings Vanma’s fingerprint Bluetooth electronic key to the job site. Connects to the server via the mobile app to obtain unlocking access. After verifying the fingerprint and the fingerprint is successfully verified, the distribution box that needs to be operated can be unlocked.

  • Vanma management system can record the time of unlocking and closing in real and real time.

    The APP equipped with Vanma system will synchronize the unlocking record, unlocking time and unlocking personnel to the background in real time. After the operation is finished, the lock-off authority is obtained through the APP, the fingerprint is verified, the lock-off operation is performed, and the real-time data is synchronized. It ensures that the operation time and operator of the distribution box can be effectively traced.

  • Vanma lock body is made of stainless steel and has IP68 protection rating. It has good advantages for the geographical environment of the Dominican Republic and has good resistance in corrosion-prone areas. At the same time, Vanma lock adopts infrared contact unlocking method, which can prevent picking and vandalism while retaining the traditional unlocking method.

  • Vanma provides customization service according to the actual situation of the original distribution box to ensure that Vanma locks can be adapted to its original cabinet lock hole location.

“The Vanma solution has improved the security effectiveness of our management of power distribution equipment and met our needs for managing power station equipment. It has been very helpful in protecting electrical energy in a rational way. ” said the staff of the power station company.

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