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Can Vending Machines Locks Be Unlocked by the Same Key?

Can Vending Machines Locks Be Unlocked by the Same Key?

Vending machines are often found in malls or shopping centers, hotels, and schools. And they usually do not exist in just one, but appear in more than one. For managers, this can lead to a problem: each vending machine has a different lock. This means that a large number of keys need to be carried by the staff when they perform maintenance. This has a significant impact on the efficiency of the staff.

Is there a key can unlock all vending machine locks?

For mechanical locks, such a key does not exist. For security reasons, keys that are compatible with all key codes do not exist on the market.

The most common mechanical key for vending machines is tubular. It is sometimes referred to as a barrel key and is a barrel key. When a person turns the key to unlock the lock, the shape of the key coordinates with the pins, allowing them to move to one side and thus release the lock. When the key is removed, these steel pins are in place to discourage any unwanted tampering attempts, making it difficult to pick up. However, pin tubular locks are risky and can sometimes be picked with even a ballpoint pen.

barrel key and lock

But if you are using a smart lock, then you will have one universal key that can open all locks.
Take the Vanma smart lock as an example. Instead of using a physical method for unlocking authentication, it uses a metal contact. The key and the lock communicate encrypted when they come into contact. So, with the correct permissions set for the key, it will be able to unlock any authorized lock.

Vanma Euro Cylinder Smart Lock

Can the Vanma Smart Lock work without electricity?

Of course, the Vanma Smart Lock is a passive electronic lock where the power is installed in the key. When it needs to be used, the key powers up the lock and thus authenticates it. So, there is no need for a power source when installing Vanma Smart Lock.

In addition to this, it can also record the time when the lock is locked or unlocked. This is to avoid employee theft. Because according to the survey, the probability of theft is not low. Managers can check the unlocking or locking time of the lock through Vanma Smart Lock System, and use the record as a basis when there is a theft case.

Blacklisting is also an essential feature. Since Vanma Smart Key can use one key to unlock all locks to which it has been granted access, losing a key can be costly. The blocklist function is a feature that can immediately disable a lost key. A key on the blacklist will have all permissions revoked and cannot open any locks.

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