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Can Smart Lock Be Hacked?

Can Smart Lock Be Hacked?

As smart door locks become more popular, their security is getting more and more attention. People around the world are avoiding traditional locks and keys, preferring to install these new lock systems to ensure the convenience of their homes or office.

The smart lock can often be unlocked and monitored remotely by using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. But are smart door locks secure?

A smart door lock usually cannot be picked because it does not have a lock hole in the traditional sense. But it can be hacked. Researchers say any device that works and can be accessed at any time via the Internet can be at risk of being hacked. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rely on smart locks or digital locks, either, because it’s preventable.


Prevent smart locks from being hacked:

1. Update the software frequently

Smart lock manufacturers usually update their software regularly to strengthen their level of protection. This is where the manufacturer is patching vulnerabilities in the lock’s source code. By updating the smart lock management software frequently to keep it in the latest version, it can effectively prevent hacking.

2. Secure your password

If you are using a password lock, protect your password. When the time comes that you have to share your password with others, please change it promptly after sharing.

3. Use smart locks from reliable brands

Usually, well-known companies have the latest and strongest security protocols. The cheaper the lock, the fewer security protocols are likely to be used. This also means they are more vulnerable to hacking. And, usually, good smart locks have built-in security features that ensure they are always protected.

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4. Use a lock with AES encryption

Any smart lock worth your money should have at least 128-bit AES encryption, which ensures the lock’s security. This is one of the most advanced forms of security in the world today, and any hacker can barely penetrate your home without knowing the code.

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