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Can I Change Mailbox Lock?

Can I Change Mailbox Lock?

Whether you’re a resident of an apartment complex or the owner of a house down the street, you’ll have a mailbox. A locked mailbox provides protection for our personal information, but when the key is lost, it can be quite stressful because we no longer have access to our mail.

Can I change the mailbox lock?

When your mailbox key is lost, your first reaction may be to break the lock. But take your time, first check to see if someone else has a copy of your keys, such as a landlord or housing association.

If the answer is no, you need to consider replacing your mailbox lock.

Before changing, the first step is to figure out the mailbox’s owner. Mailbox ownership can be broken down into three categories: USPS-owned, cluster mailboxes, or your personal property.


Scenario 1: USPS owned

In this case, changing the lock is much simpler because you don’t need to replace it yourself. You just need to contact the post office staff during business hours. They are responsible for arrow lock and master door maintenance and will advise you.

Scenario 2: Cluster mailboxes

You will need to contact your landlord, management company or housing association for the maintenance of your mailbox.

Scenario 3: Personal curbside mailbox

If this is yours and you are responsible for any repairs yourself, then you have the option of changing the lock.

Precautions for changing the mailbox cam lock

1. Mailbox structure

Before installing a mailbox lock, first, make sure that it won’t prevent the mail carrier from delivering your mail. Because if it cannot be delivered or picked up, the mailbox will not need to exist.

Your mailbox should be divided into two areas, one for delivery slots and one for mail retrieval. This structure is common in residential hanging mailboxes. The delivery area is at the front, while you can retrieve your mail from the back.

2. Do not tamper with the USPS arrow lock

If you have a clustered mailbox or receive mail through a clustered mailbox, your mailboxes usually use arrow locks. When replacing locks, you will need to seek assistance from your local USPS branch.

If you insist on tampering, you could face hefty fines and even jail time.


Precautions for choosing mailbox lock:

1. Application Environment

If your mailbox is indoors, you have a wider variety of locks to choose from, including smart locks such as fingerprint locks. But if your mailbox is located outside, a mechanical lock or a passive electronic lock is a better choice. Because outdoor needs to consider waterproof issues and power supply issues.

mailbox indoor

Indoor mailbox

Outdoor mailbox

2. Types of mailbox locks

Outdoor mailbox locks can be selected from padlocks, combination locks, or cam locks. The first two replacement methods are very simple and are the first choice for your own replacement. The replacement of the cam lock is more troublesome but more secure. Another option is a passive electronic lock. If the mailbox is shared by multiple people, a passive electronic lock can help you manage keys better. But for personal use, a traditional padlock, combination lock, or cam lock will suffice.

intelligent padlock

Combination Lock

Vanma padlock

Vanma Passive Electronic Lock

Indoor mailbox locks have one more option: fingerprint locks. There are fingerprint padlocks and fingerprint cam locks on the market. The benefit of them is that you don’t need to use the keys, saving you the trouble of finding them.

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