Cable Connection Box Electronic Lock Transformation

In order to adapt to the rapid development of the network, the construction of optical cable handover box is also more and more, facing more and more security problems, how to manage these handover boxes is the operator has been thinking about the problem.

There are always the following problems in the actual application of optical cable handover box:

1. At present, the optical cable handover box mainly adopts a mechanical lock, which is often opened maliciously.
2. There are many keys, which easily lead to management chaos.
3. It is technically difficult to adopt the mode of networked monitoring, with large equipment investment and small necessity.
4. There is no power inside the cable handover box, so it is inconvenient to install the active electronic lock.
5. In order to adapt to the progress of science and technology and the national policy of “speeding up and lowering fees”, the number of light optical cable handover box is on the rise.

In view of the above points, the management of the optical delivery box can adopt JWM intelligent electronic lock scheme.

Features of intelligent electronic lock scheme:
1. Security: the memory has a 12-bit hexadecimal code to ensure that it does not repeat Numbers, so as to achieve unity. When communicating with the electronic key, there are multiple layers of interactive communication and verification process, so as to achieve a more secure, more reliable, error-free opening rate and no reopening rate.

2. Convenience: safe and reliable, not easy to damage, waterproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion, can be used in a variety of harsh environments, easy to install, no power supply, no wiring, and can achieve an electronic key to open more than one electronic lock.

3. Manageable:
Attendance system: who, when, where, why, what to accomplish, there are records to check.
Access control system: who, when, where, flexible authorization, full control.
Authorization information, door opening records… Any operation has a record, can be traced to the source, can not be forged; Remote authorization, remote loss reporting, automatic uploading of records.

4. Low cost: no need for hole wiring, no need for active transformation of the optical delivery box, no extra cost.
Flexible deployment, batch transformation or gradual transformation, controllable transformation cost.
The smart lock has no power supply and no maintenance, greatly reducing operating costs.
Through effective management of company assets, the probability of accidents can be significantly reduced.

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