Cabinet Lock Farewell To The Tradition, Intelligent Design More Secure

The communication room and base station are mostly unattended, and the intelligent access control system is one of the important management means. Has become the computer room, the base station construction indispensable component.

At present the electronic lock lock has entered the rapid development times, these equipment should have the action sensitive, the implementation is reliable, the good moisture-proof, the anticorrosive performance, can satisfy each kind of wooden door, the glass door, the metal door installation needs. Each electronic lock has its own characteristics, in the security, convenience and reliability of the differences, the need to choose the appropriate electronic lock according to the actual situation.

JWM intelligent electronic cabinet lock for all metal materials, reasonable design of the standard structure, installed in the cabinet can be embedded on the cabinet, safe and reliable, not easy to lose and damage, waterproof, shock, corrosion, can be used in a variety of harsh environment, easy to install, no power supply, no wiring.

Standard passive electronic lock at the same time, have 12 hexadecimal code memory, ensure that no repeat number, make it reach the only, and the electronic key communication when there are multiple interactive communication and the calibration process, in order to achieve more secure, more reliable, and correct rate of open, not reopen rate (mechanical lock has reopened rate), and can be opened more than a electronic key lock inspection (passive electronic lock).

Smart cabinet lock and smart key make the manager more assured. During the regular inspection, the inspector should first connect with the electronic key through the bluetooth function of the phone, and send the permission to unlock the lock to the smart management center through the phone. The information received by the manager will pass the permission according to the work requirements. When the inspector unlocks, the electronic key will retain the information of the person unlocking the lock, the location of the cabinet lock and the time to switch the lock. After completing the work, the inspector will connect the electronic key to the computer through the data cable and upload the data to the management center, which will record the information and form the patrol report. The information is accurate and clear, and the storage time is long.

The combination of cabinet lock and electronic key makes the manager carefree.

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