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The Best Smart Padlocks for 2022.

The advantages of smart padlocks are convenient management and low-security risks. Compared with traditional locks, smart padlocks focus more on the degree of control over the entire process of lock use.

Does your company encounter these problems when using traditional padlocks?
* Locks are outdoors, they are always rusty and need to be changed frequently.
* Each employee has dozens of keys in his hands, which is extremely difficult to manage.
* After the key is lost, the entire lock needs to be replaced, which increases the cost.
* To enter the company’s warehouse requires employees to register on paper, which is a waste of time.

These problems will increase the cost of the access control system. How to reduce costs? The easiest way is to upgrade the system and use the Vanma smart lock system.


Why Choose Vanma Smart Lock System?

Stainless Steel

The lock body of the Vanma is made of stainless steel, and the protection level reaches IP68. It can work normally even in harsh environments. And Vanma introduced an upgraded version of the padlock: the shrouded padlock, which is more durable.

smart padlock

One Key is Enough

According to the employee’s authority, the manager can set which locks can be unlocked by this key in the Vanma smart lock system. After the setting is completed, each employee only needs to carry one key. If the key is lost, it can be found for the first time, reducing security risks.



After the key is lost, the manager only needs to add the lost key to the blacklist, then the lost key will not have the authority to unlock any locks. Just re-import the data of the lost key through the lock system. When using a lost key to unlock, the smart lock system will prompt that it cannot be unlocked. At the same time, there will be a record of unlocking failures, which is convenient for lock tracking.


Record Information

Through the Vanma smart lock system, managers can read the lock/unlock records, including who, when, and unlock which lock. Employees do not need to register on paper, saving time. And if there is a material loss, the manager can find the corresponding employee based on the record instead of checking all the employees.

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